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  Debts and Deficits   *** Includes FY20 Budget numbers. ***

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เงินฟรี คาสิโนออนไลน์ ฟรี

Today the Federal Debt is about $22,027,749,066,883.72.

The amount is the gross outstanding debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury since 1790 and reported here.

But, it doesn’t include state and local debt.

And, it doesn’t include so-called “agency debt.”

And, it doesn’t include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Federal Debt per person is about $67,508.

Total US Government Debt in 2019

Chart C.01t: Recent US Government Debt

At the end of FY 2019 the total government debt in the United States, including federal, state, and local, is expected to be $25.8 trillion.

Get more information about Total Debt here.

Total Federal Government Debt in 2019

Chart C.01f: Recent US Federal Debt

At the end of FY 2019 the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $22.78 trillion, according to the FY20 Federal Budget. Of this gross amount, debt “Held by the Public: Other” is estimated by usgovernmentspending.com at $14.61 trillion, debt “Held by the Public: Federal Reserve System” (i.e. monetized debt) is estimated by usgovernmentspending.com at $2.31 trillion and debt “Held by Federal Government Accounts” is estimated at $5.86 trillion.

Here is the gross federal debt by year for the last decade:

Federal Debt in trillions

Click for federal debt from 1960 to present.

Get more information about Federal Debt here.

Total Federal Agency Debt in 2019

Chart C.01a: Recent Federal Agency Debt

At the end of FY 2019 the federal agency debt in the United States is “guesstimated” to be $9.61 trillion.

Agency debt is debt issued by federal agencies and government-sponsored enterprises, and is not included in the total gross debt of the federal government.

Get more information about Agency Debt here.

Total State Government Debt in 2019

Chart C.01s: Recent State Government Debt

At the end of FY 2019 the state government debt in the United States is expected to be $1.17 trillion.

Get more information about State Government Debt here.

Total Local Government Debt in 2019

Chart C.01l: Recent Local Government Debt

At the end of FY 2019 the local government debt in the United States is expected to be $1.86 trillion.

Get more information about Local Government Debt here.

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Debt Data Sources

Debt data is from official government sources.

Gross Domestic Product data comes from US Bureau of Economic Analysis and measuringworth.com.

Detailed table of debt data sources here.

Federal debt data begins in 1792.

State and local debt data begins in 1820.

State and local debt data for individual states begins in 1957.

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Gross Federal Debt

Debt: $22,027,749,066,883.72

Gross State Product for 2018

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released its Gross State Product (GSP) data for 2018 on May 1, 2019.

Usgovernmentspending.com has updated its individual state GSPs for 2018 and projected nominal and real GSP through 2024 for each state using the projected national GDP numbers from Table 10.1 in the Historical Tables for the Federal FY2020 Budget and the historical GDP data series from the BEA as a baseline.

As before we have projected individual state GSPs out to 2024 by applying a factor to reflect each state's deviation from the national growth rate. (E.g. In 2014 the national real GDP expanded by 2.4 percent. But North Dakota grew by 6.3 percent, a deviation of nearly 4 percent. The deviation is reduced by 40 percent for each year after 2014, making the assumption that each state will slowly revert to the national norm.)

Click here to view a complete list of US states and their 2018 GSP growth rates.


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